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I grew up in a house where there were regular sing-a-longs around the piano. I used to love playing by ear and together with mum; we worked out the arrangements of many tunes ranging from musicals to the more complex Joni Mitchell songs. In primary school my parents bought me a toy electric guitar for my eighth birthday. I was captivated by the guitar and would listen intently to my brother’s records from the 60s and 70s. I adored Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills Nash and Young to name a few. My first real instrument was a spanish guitar given to me by my sister in my early teens.

Music and Theatre
I spent much of much of my teenage years working with the “PACT Theatre”; a group of poets, actors and composers. We would perform evening folk concerts and staged many productions including children’s Pantomimes and Shakespearean plays for the Sydney Festival. With its Pyrmont base, my involvement with PACT gave me a love of the sights and sounds of the city; thus broadening my creative scope. Having taught myself to play the guitar, I frequently entertained friends at parties and around campfires and gave concerts at school.

Turbulent Times
My early 20s was landmarked by the death of my father. My foundation collapsed as I struggled to find spiritual meaning. This has been a strong influence in my songwriting.

Miller's Treat Cafe
In My mid 20s I found a regular gig at an earthy, laid back cafe called the Miller’s Treat. I had begun writing my own songs and would play them there on a Friday night along with many cover songs and Irish ballads. I had commenced singing training since the age of 20 and it served me well in being able to sing my three hour gig. During this time I also sang in an accapella group and we often performed at weddings and other functions.

A Sojourn
Traveling through Europe and Britain for one year provided me with fresh inspiration for songwriting. The barren cliffs of Yugoslavia set against a turquoise horizon and in stark contrast, the lush Irish landscape remain etched in my mind. While I was in Ireland, I visited many pubs and inns where musicians would spontaneously sing and play. I was able to add many wonderful ballads to my singing repertoire.

A Place By the Sea
I spent a large portion of my time writing songs in an apartment on the Sydney coastline at Diamond Bay. Being close to nature has always been inspirational for my writing.

A Haven in the Blue Mountains
With my own young family, I moved to Springwood in 1997 and it is here, nestled in the bush backing Sassafras Gully, that my songwriting has really flourished. I started performing at folkclubs, festivals and recorded my first album, “Angophora” which was successfully launched in November 2002 at the Clarendon Guest House Katoomba. Since that time I have released another two albums: "Turn your World Around " in 2005 and "Paint a Thought" in 2010. Much of my life experience and visual memory is woven into the album. The music is passionate and humanitarian in nature, reflecting a love of people and the environment. Life’s journey is ever rich and there is still so much to write and sing about.


Wintermoon World Music Festival QLD
Release of 3rd album “Paint a Thought

National Folk Festival

St Albans Folk Festival
Turning Wave Festival

Wintermoon World Music Festival QLD
Clarendon Guesthouse and Season at Razz Restaurant

Clarendon Guesthouse – Katoomba
Melbourne tour: Boite and other venues
Earth Spirit Festival
Uranquinty Folk festival
Majors Creek Music Festival         
National Folk Festival

National Folk Festival
St Albans Folk Festival
Blue Mountains Folk Festival

National Folk Festival
March – Recorded songs for “Late Night Live” ABC
April – St Albans Folk Festival
November – CD Launch in Sydney and Blue Mountains
“Late Night Live”
“Best in Folk” Category and “Musician of the Year” at Blue Mountains Music Awards

March - Blue Mountains Folk Festival
April - St Albans Folk festival

April - St Albans Folk Festival
June - Winter Magic Festival - Katoomba
October - Umina Beach Folk Festival
November - Majors Creek Folk festival

April - St Albans Folk Festival
August - Concert at Cloudlands - Katoomba
November - CD launch of “Angophora” at the Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba.

March - Performed at the Blue Mountains Folk Festival in the Heritage Concert.
May - Performed at St Albans folk festival in a duo as well as with
Intaglio; a trio arrangement.
Recorded first CD with Robin Janus at the House of Crisp.

1997- 2001
Regular performer at folk clubs in the Blue Mountains. Guest artist at Blackheath and at Springwood.

Performed regularly at the Miller’s Treat Cafe in North Sydney; presenting covers and original material.

Worked as a singer at weddings and private functions; sometimes in a quartet with acapella arrangement.