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Duo Anne & Rosie


Description of Music/Performance

Two smooth, mellow voices with rich and sometimes haunting harmonies combine with intricate, ambient chord progressions and percussive, rhythmic strumming on guitars to present poetic and soulful songs and ballads with a Celtic and jazz influence expressing the power of the human spirit.

A fresh collaboration, Anne (solo singer/songwriter) and Rosie McDonald (from MusicOZ Award winning band "Mothers of Intention") share a passion for vocal harmony; clearly evident in their performance. Rosie's rhythmic guitar skills and deep rounded vocal quality are a perfect balance for Anne's dexterous finger work on 12-string guitar along with her crystal clear vocals.

Together they collaborate on each others original material as well as placing their own special arrangements on well-known songs from the CSNY and Joni Mitchell era as well as Celtic ballads.

Past festival performances

The National Folk Festival 2009

Turning Wave Festival Gundagai 2008

Kangaroo Valley 2007

Wintermoon 2008

St Albans 2006/08

Music at the Creek 2007

Illawarra Folk Festival 2008

National Folk Festival 2007


Upcoming Gigs

Turning Wave Folk Festival - Gundagai: 19th - 21st September


"Singing on the Breath"

Singing on the breath means singing from the most essential vocal organ, the diaphram. gaining strength and breath control opens the door to limitless possibilities with the voice. This workshop also explores songs from different parts of the world and harmonizing in parts.

"Sowing the Seeds of Songwriting"

Using guided meditation with a combination of sounds, music and tibetan bowls; creative ideas and inspiration can be accessed. Brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques are also used to give people the basic tools for unpacking ideas and pictures; sowing the seeds for constructing a song!