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Description of Music/Performance

A soaring pure voice and unusual, ambient tunings on 6 and 12- string guitar describe the music of Anne Ridgway. Her original songs are a collection of poetic and thought provoking ballads revealing the power of the human spirit in adversity and love combining lyrics exploring a variety of themes from the injustices of poverty and war to the simple joys of everyday living. The musical arrangements include acapella harmonies and strong vocal melodies enhanced by intricate guitar work and chord progressions, flowing violin sounds, anchored by the deep richness of a double bass.

Anne has the true artists’ quality of expressing her soul through her art, and so doing with a uniquely personal voice.


Review - “Turn Your World Around” by Pat Drummond

As Blue Mountains ‘Musician of the Year’, 2005 was a very successful year for Anne Ridgway. Her second album, “Turn Your World Around” gives a pretty good idea as to why. Earthy and acoustic but very, very gentle; Anne’s skills as a singer, songwriter and guitarist are much in evidence and all are excellent.

This is an outstanding Blue Mountains release. Some lovely cover photography and design are also worthy of a mention and they complete what is overall, a worthy addition to any serious acoustic music buffs collection.

Pat Drummond


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Radio Reviews

“Absolutely gorgeous; ten out of ten!!” Phillip Adams ABC “Late Night Live

(In response to the playing of “Planet Blue” from “Turn Your World Around” – live last November)

“ This is a fine album by one of our best local singers. If folk music is your thing, then this is an album to run out and grab immediately. Anne’s beautiful, complex music, sensitive lyrics and heartfelt vocals make this one of the best of recent releases.”

Blufm  - Blue Mountains  radio station


Review by Bob Charter

Anne Ridgway has performed at two Blue Mountains Music Festivals (2004 and 2006).She is one of the most promising folk talents to emerge from this area for many years. Her vocal quality, her excellent song-writing skills and musical ability are all outstanding!!

Bob Charter – Co-director  Blue Mountains Festival of Folk Roots and Blues